Packerman was incorporated in 1995 in Melaka. Since then, it has grown substantially to become one of the leading plastic extrusion and thermoforming manufacturers in Malaysia. Current staff force stands at approximately 90 people operating from our world-class plant located in Taman Tasik Utama.

We are proud to count among our many customers, large multinationals such as the McDonalds Corporation, Sunfresh and the Texchem Group.

With resolute management focus and an unyielding commitment to dependable service and impeccable quality, Packerman will continue to push forward in the field of research & development and manufacturing technology thus ultimately benefiting our customers.


Our production consists 2 of divisions: Extrusion and Thereforming. Led by an experienced management team and 120 peoples workforce, we are able to serve customer’s need and new projects.


Packerman has extensive experience manufacturing plastic sheet in a variety of sizes and materials. We rely on in-house extruders to produce plastic sheets for our thermoforming process. Doing this allows us to have good quality control and cost efficiency.

Apart from internal usage, we also offer our plastic sheets to selected external customers who recognize the good and consistent qualities of plastic sheets from Packerman.


Whether you require lids, trays for food, container for fruit, cups for beverage or blister packaging for consumer electronics, we at Packerman can help you choose the most appropriate material for your product by evaluating end-user functional and aesthetic requirements.

We use 2 plastic thermoforming methods i.e. vacuum forming and pressure forming.

Equipped with advanced thermoforming technology and high precision machine from Europe, Japan and Korea, we provide a wide range of thermoforming products with features like attractive appearance, multi-shaped, light weight, rigid, impact resistant, easy packing and stacking.


To become a leading and trusted plastic company that specializes in high precision and good quality products, and an employer of first choice for talented workforce.


At Packerman, we make it our mission to provide our customers with well-engineered and high-quality disposable products at the most competitive prices. Whether you are a big industry leader or a young start-up company, we offer the same top-grade products and high-quality service, along with one of the fastest turnaround production times in the industry.


Packerman is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in South East Asia. Specialization, innovation and cost-efficiency characterize the success of the company.

Packerman is active in providing packaging solutions to the F&B, electronic and medical industries. We stress on quality, flexibility and competitive pricing for our customers.

We are constantly looking for ways to fulfill the diverse needs, designs and budgets of our customers. The team is always keeping itself up-to-date with the latest technology and finding ways to continuously improve our production and product offerings.