Packaging your product is about both form and function. Whether you require trays for hard-disk drives, blister packaging for pen-drives, cups for cold drinks or trays for eggs, we at Packerman can help you choose the most appropriate material for your product by evaluating end-user functional and aesthetic requirements.

All resins are converted using Packerman’s own extrusion equipment to reduce cost and minimize transportation of roll-stock. This in-house, extrusion capability allows for end-to-end quality control and quicker turnaround. Custom roll-stock sheeting is available in many of the materials that we thermoform. Useful in form-fill-seal machines, sheeting can be made to order in widths up to 800mm wide and gauges ranging from 0.2mm – 1.5mm thick.

For more information about material options, properties and applications, please refer to the table below.